Asphalt Resurfacing



Do you have asphalt pavement that is less than 20 years old, the cracks are small and shallow, and you have less than 30% of its surface that needs to be repaired? Asphalt resurfacing might just be the best solution for you. Repairs may be great temporary solutions to prolong taking a bigger project, but simply resurfacing your pavement can add 8-15 years to its lifespan. That’s 8-15 years you won’t have to worry about!

Resurfacing gives you the new pavement look, at a fraction of the cost. So what is resurfacing? Resurfacing is completely replacing the top layer of asphalt with a brand new layer. There are requirements your location and current pavement structure needs to meet before a resurfacing can be considered, so please talk it over with one of our staff members here at Advance Asphalt, Inc..

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When Should You Consider Asphalt Resurfacing?

Repairs on asphalt pavements seem to be a cheaper and simpler option… And it is! But how much would you want to pay to not be stressed out about your next repairs for another 8-15 years? That’s the value of resurfacing, but probably cheaper than what you were willing to pay. While resurfacing your parking lot or driveway costs more than doing repairs, the value and time extension you get on your pavement is absolutely worth it. Consider resurfacing to be a pocket-friendlier option than installing a completely new driveway.

As a leading paving company in Northern California, we recommend that you perform asphalt resurfacing every 12-15 years. Here are some reasons why:

Were you considering a repavement or complete reinstallation? Check out this list to see if you qualify for resurfacing instead!

  • The foundation is intact
  • Less than 30% of the surface needs repairs
  • Cracks are smaller than quarter-inch wide, no deeper than 2 inches
  • You asphalt pavement is less than 20 years

What is the Timeframe of Asphalt Resurfacing Project?

We have undertaken many paving projects, and you can bet we are familiar with what works and what doesn’t. Delivering quality asphalt pavements on time has become part of our DNA, we understand how precious time is when planning the project and estimating its scale. We can provide accurate time and price estimates, working with your timeframe or deadline. Making sure we get you back to your regular schedule in no time.

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California being where it is, the industry is flooded with many paving companies, it can sometimes get a little tiring trying to find the paving partner you want to work with. Advance Asphalt, Inc. has been in the industry for over 45 years and we’re still learning new techniques with excitement every year. We aim to make sure you won’t regret choosing our services, and we’re addicted to the smiles of happy customers who will keep us in mind for the years to come.

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