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With over 40 years of combined paving experience, the Advance Asphalt Inc team has become Pittsburg CA’s premier paving company. We can tackle any size residential or commercial paving job from decorative concrete driveways to large retail parking lots. Our pavement repair services extend the life of your pavement and keep visitors to local properties safe for years.

Asphalt Paving Services in the Pittsburg CA Area


  • We own some of the most state of the art paving equipment in the industry, and we make sure it is regularly inspected and maintained so that we have the best outcomes on every pavement project.
  • Like our equipment, we make sure our employees are of the highest quality, keeping up with asphalt industry licensing and ongoing education so that we can maintain the highest levels of workmanship.
  • Our business philosophy involves always keeping focus on our local clients, whether they’re a residential homeowner or a commercial property manager, centering customer needs with every interaction.

About Beautiful Pittsburg CA

Considered both a suburb and industrial town serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Pittsburg California is located on the south shore of Suisun Bay between the communities of Concord CA and Antioch CA. California State Route 4 carries commuters to other nearby cities. As of the 2010 Census, the town’s population was just under 65,000. The community was first called “New York of the Pacific” when it was founded in the mid 1800s, but it soon became a bustling coal mining and refining area and was named Black Diamond for the mining railroad that served the area. Finally, the name was changed to Pittsburg CA in 1911 to honor both city’s industrial heritage.

Despite the community’s industrial economy, there are plenty of nearby greenspaces to enjoy, including Mount Diablo to the south and Browns Island north in the Bay. There is also Buchanan Park inside the town for a quick picnic or to soak up some California sun. Nearby, there’s also the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to explore that has river access and beautiful sunset views. The Small World Park is a fun local amusement park to spend some time at, and history lovers will find something interesting at the Pittsburg Historical Museum.

The Asphalt Paving Process

When you need asphalt paving, you want it done right the first time so your pavement lasts for decades. To do this, you need the help of the most reputable asphalt paving company in your local area. Advance Asphalt Inc, Pittsburg CA’s premier paving company, is that company. Let’s get a peek into our proven asphalt paving process so you trust in our workmanship.

The Asphalt Paving Process

Asphalt pavement that will stand the test of time needs to be installed with the right techniques that create long-term durability and stability. Your reputable local asphalt paving company will likely use a paving method that follows this process:

  • Site Preparation – Before paving can be laid down, the soil should be free of debris and compacted to prevent erosion.
  • Creating Slope – Drainage is very important to prevent water damage to asphalt, so the site needs to be graded using specialized paving equipment to allow water to flow away.
  • A Strong Foundation – The gravel aggregate base layer is vital to the continued stability and strength of your new asphalt pavement. Paving pros will often compact this layer as well.
  • A Stable Core – On top of the base layer, at least two inches of strong asphalt with large aggregates creates a strong core for the pavement.
    A Photo Finish – The final layer of asphalt should be smoothed with rollers. Pavement finishing services like line striping and sealcoating create a beautiful result.

Advance Asphalt Inc: Pittsburg CA’s Asphalt Paving Experts

Whether you need an asphalt parking lot, a sports court, or a roadway, your local asphalt paving experts are here for you. With decades of asphalt experience in California, we’re equipped to tackle any paving project our local property owners need.

Contact the Advance Asphalt team for a free site inspection and asphalt paving consultation.