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The Asphalt Paving Process

When you need asphalt paving, you want it done right the first time so your pavement lasts for decades. To do this, you need the help of the most reputable asphalt paving company in your local area. Advance Asphalt Inc, Pittsburg CA’s premier paving company, is that company. Let’s get a peek into our proven asphalt paving process so you trust in our workmanship.

The Asphalt Paving Process

Asphalt pavement that will stand the test of time needs to be installed with the right techniques that create long-term durability and stability. Your reputable local asphalt paving company will likely use a paving method that follows this process:

  • Site Preparation – Before paving can be laid down, the soil should be free of debris and compacted to prevent erosion.
  • Creating Slope – Drainage is very important to prevent water damage to asphalt, so the site needs to be graded using specialized paving equipment to allow water to flow away.
  • A Strong Foundation – The gravel aggregate base layer is vital to the continued stability and strength of your new asphalt pavement. Paving pros will often compact this layer as well.
  • A Stable Core – On top of the base layer, at least two inches of strong asphalt with large aggregates creates a strong core for the pavement.
    A Photo Finish – The final layer of asphalt should be smoothed with rollers. Pavement finishing services like line striping and sealcoating create a beautiful result.

Advance Asphalt Inc: Pittsburg CA’s Asphalt Paving Experts

Whether you need an asphalt parking lot, a sports court, or a roadway, your local asphalt paving experts are here for you. With decades of asphalt experience in California, we’re equipped to tackle any paving project our local property owners need.

Contact the Advance Asphalt team for a free site inspection and asphalt paving consultation.

Residential Vs Commercial Paving in Concord CA

For paving contractors, residential and commercial paving services have some differences in approach, though a reputable paving company will always treat their customers with the same service. One of these paving companies is Advance Asphalt Inc, Concord CA’s most experienced paving experts, who care for both local homeowners and business owners.

Finding a paving company who has experience with both residential and commercial paving is a must because it shows they are flexible in their approach to pavement. This doesn’t mean that the two types of paving services are exactly the same.

Residential Vs Commercial Paving

Here’s a brief overview of how commercial and residential paving projects may have different priorities.



Underneath all asphalt pavement is a base layer made of gravel and other aggregates. The depth of this layer needs to be thick for pavement that will see heavy loads, like commercial pavement. Residential pavement can take thinner gravel and asphalt layers.


Asphalt for commercial applications that will see higher traffic needs to be extra durable, where driveway paving may focus more on things like design or aesthetic.


Obviously a residential property owner would have less money to invest in pavement, but luckily, most residential applications, even private sports courts, use less paving materials and labor to construct than a larger commercial paving project.


Because a commercial parking lot covers literally more ground than an asphalt driveway, a parking lot needs a more extensive drainage system to avoid puddles and asphalt deterioration. Drainage is important for asphalt driveways as well, but it’s easier to fix with a simple trench drain.


Advance Asphalt Inc, Concord CA’s Best Commercial & Residential Paving Contractors

Whether you need a large commercial parking lot or a decorative residential driveway, the pavement experts at Advance Asphalt Inc are ready to help Concord CA area property owners. Contact us today for a free site inspection and paving consultation.

Residential and Commercial Paving Solutions in Napa CA

While asphalt pavement is the same on a driveway or a parking lot, residential and commercial paving solutions differ because the way drivers use the pavement is different. To get the best residential and commercial paving solutions in your local area, you need the most reputable paving company. Advance Asphalt Inc is that paving company in Napa CA. Let us help you understand the difference between commercial and residential paving services.

Residential Paving Solutions in Napa CA

There are plenty of ways that a professional paving company can help improve your residential property, including:

  • New Driveway Installation – Even if it’s a long drive, a professional paving company can install a driveway that will last for decades.
  • Decorative Edging & Concrete – To keep the edges of your asphalt driveway stable, it’s a good idea to get concrete curbs or decorative edging.
  • Driveway Repair – When you have cracks or deterioration on your driveway, an experienced paving contractor can easily repair them with services like crack sealing or sealcoating.

Commercial Paving Solutions in Napa CA

Most commercial pavement gets much more traffic than a private drive, so it needs certain types of paving services to maintain, including:

  • Parking Lot Installation – Your local paving company can install a parking lot from the ground up, including concrete and line striping.
  • Commercial Concrete – Sidewalks, aprons, bollards, and more constructions are made from concrete.
  • Parking Lot Repair – When traffic wears down your parking lot or there’s weather damage, asphalt repair services can get it back to like-new state.

Your Trusted Local Paving Company for Residential and Commercial Paving Solutions

In Napa CA, Advance Asphalt Inc is the most trusted paving contractor for both residential and commercial clients. We can offer the highest quality paving solutions for all situations because of our decades of experience in the paving industry. With our expert paving contractors and state of the art paving equipment, we can repair or install a new parking lot or driveway. Contact us for a free inspection.

Commercial Asphalt Milling Near Fairfield CA

Damaged asphalt is a headache for any property owner, let alone someone with a business to run. For commercial property owners around Fairfield CA, Advance Asphalt is the trusted paving company for issues like deteriorating pavement. We were recently honored to help a business owner in Cordelia CA, just outside of Fairfield CA, whose industrial pavement had large areas of cracking and raveling where the asphalt had begun to deteriorate.

When this happens, you need a reputable, experienced commercial paving company to perform one of the most cost-effective and lasting pavement repairs in the business: asphalt milling. This pavement repair service removes just the top layer of damaged asphalt so that it can be resurfaced with a fresh layer of asphalt.

The benefits of asphalt milling for damaged pavement are many, but the main advantage is cost effectiveness. Milling is vastly cheaper than replacing an entire paved area from the gravel aggregate base up to the surface layer. It’s also eco-friendly, as the broken asphalt that’s removed can be recycled in other projects.

With asphalt milling, the experienced Advance Asphalt paving contractors were able to remove rutted and cracked asphalt and get this commercial pavement back to a uniform profile and surface that matched the level of the existing curbs and drainage. All in all, our Cordelia CA commercial asphalt client was very pleased with the results, especially on their budget!

If your pavement surface has seen better days and you’re worried about your employees and company vehicles, contact the Advance Asphalt commercial paving experts for help!